Our commitments


Since the beginning IFICLIDE is part of a sustainable development with green performance. The green performance is a continuous improvement process defining social and environmental economic objectives directly related to our missions to clients. We defined four axes:




We offer to our customers high quality services , quick to implement, scalable and environmentally responsible. We are attentive to the needs of our customers in particular with business intelligence, technological and regulatory.




We implement a preventive policy on sensitive projects including impact analysis and risk. We pledge to make every effort to reach the goal of zero risk is insured and full compliance with the expectations of our customers.




We pay much attention to simple eco-gestures related to the optimization of energy consumption in our missions.




We provide an operational communication between the various customers stakeholders especially in terms of business tracking and monitoring mission. Our systemic management system ensures high operational quality progressively deployed for our customers in all our missions.


Our customer-centric vision constantly asked us to participatory and responsible attitude on our missions, both individual and collective. Always to the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that the success of the missions is possible thanks to the, synergy of all actors, our consultants and our customers. We are committed to continuously evaluate the performance of our shares and the targeted goals, to make living the continuous and sustainable improvement.