Officer Crew

luca d'auria


Luca d’Auria President and CEO Luca D’Auria, co-founder in charge of Operational Performance branch within IFICLIDE. He has wide experience in managing Business Unit at national and international level, it also has a strong competences in SOA and especially in Enterprise Architecture. He served as President and CEO since the inception of the company. Luca D’Auria holds an engineering degree in IT EiCNAM technology and master’s degree in Philosophy PFTIM.

 rodrigue kendjio


Rodrigue Kendjio Business Intelligence Director Kendjio Rodrigue, co-founder in charge of the Strategique Performance branch within IFICLIDE. Proven expertise and recognized in the business Intelligence and Oracle BI Suite, OBIEE training France referent. He has wide experience in management and in the management of Business Intelligence projects. Rodrigue Kendjio is a computer engineer and holds a postgraduate degree eBusiness School of Mines.

manu dorne


Manuel Dorne High Tech & Media Guru Manuel Dorne, co-founder is in charge of the performance exchanges branch within IFICLIDE. It has a nationally recognized in new technologies and their uses in companies. He is best known as the eponymous first IT France blog Korben. Manuel Dorne is also co-founder of RemixJobs.